The Organization

Kizitos, the company which employs the J-Development team,works on a product to help you find the right products or services online. We collect, sort and rank links by using expert knowledge and algorithms. To do this effectively we develop our own web applications. This means that we constantly have to innovate, developing new features, improving existing functionality and hardening the underlying architecture.

Kizitos was founded in 2013. Our mission statement: “Sorting the world’s information”. The ideas of transparency, quality and communication are always in the forefront of our minds and central to our philosophy. We not only uphold these ideas for our customers, but for our own employees as well.

Within Kizitos you are immediately given a lot of responsibility. There’s always something to be done. Flexible work scheduling allows employees to work at times that fit with their own personal schedule and makes it possible for them to adjust the time or place their work is completed. We even have some colleagues living and working in Beijing (China) and Willemstad (Curaçao).

Before Kizitos
Before Kizitos we worked for M4N, a company which manages a network that enables online merchants to reward website owners for placing their advertisements and referring customers. M4N tracks and registers the transactions of referred customers, and manages the network. In 2007 M4N was the 6th fastest growing Dutch company in the Deloitte Fast 50, measured by percentage of turnover increase over the last 5 years. M4N is nowadays part of the zanox Group. We still assist them with the M4N platform and the development of the Datafeeds system.

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