OmniFaces is an exciting new library for JSF 2.x that focusses on solving practical everyday problems and generally makes live even easier when working with JSF 2.

Created by JDevelopment members Bauke Scholtz (BalusC) and Arjan Tijms in a response to frequently recurring problems encountered when programming for the M4N platform, questions from the other JDevelopment team members and from questions being asked on Stack Overflow.

Contrary to some of the other excellent JSF 2 libraries out there (like PrimeFaces, or RichFaces), OmniFaces does not contain much if any of the beautiful visually oriented components that those other libraries are already known and loved for. As such, OmniFaces does not and probably will never contain things like rich table or datagrid components.

What it does contain is e.g. functionality to overcome the problem with showing an error page in response to exceptions that occur during AJAX requests, a way to pass method expressions into Facelets tags (an improved implementation of the method described here), and various other utility functions like that.

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