Open Source

At J-Development we value open source a lot. Therefor we use open source plenty within our company. Most developers work at a desktop with Linux and Eclipse and also are servers are run on Linux, JBoss AS and PostgreSQL. For our own development we use open source libraries too. For example we use several Apache Commons libraries, Hibernate, OSCache, Quartz, etc.

Because we use open source so much, we want to act as a good ‘open sourcce citizen’. When we have problems with an open source library we stimulate our developers to look into the source, try to find the cause of the problem themselves and, if possible, report the bug clearly. Sometimes this is as simple as a incorrect Javadoc comment, or as concrete as a linenumber of the faulty code or even a patch. Next to this we also open source some of our internally developed code. At this moment we have the following open source software developed by J-Development. We will expend this list in the future.

  • OmniFaces – OmniFaces is an exciting new library for JSF 2.x that focuses on solving practical everyday problems and generally makes live even easier when working with JSF 2.
  • JavaEE Kickoff App – Handy app to kickstart the development of a JavaEE applications. This project is still work-in-progress.
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