First official JSF 2.3 contribution from

27 January 2015, by: Arjan Tijms

A while back we joined the JSF 2.3 EG as While we had contributed as individuals before (mostly via code suggestions and snippets in JIRA issues) we are proud that today our first more direct contribution was committed to Mojarra for the ongoing JSF 2.3 effort.

Co-spec lead Manfred Riem tweeted about this earlier today:

The commit in question can be seen in our GitHub mirror. To summarize the change; before it was only possible to inject the application map as follows:

Map applicationMap;

As can be seen, the map is missing its generic parameters. This is of course far from ideal. With the latest patch, this map can now be injected as it should be:

Map<String, Object> applicationMap;

Injection into a raw map is still supported, but for most cases the generic variant should be preferred.

It’s a fairly small change, but hopefully many more of such changes will follow soon 😉

Arjan Tijms

3 comments to “First official JSF 2.3 contribution from”

  1. Arjan Pronk says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to see more.

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