Mysterious new Java EE 6 server shows up at Oracle certification pages

31 October 2014, by: Arjan Tijms

Oracle publishes a page listing all officially certified Java EE servers. The page has been known to list a couple of fairly obscure servers; servers that indeed exist but seemingly nobody has ever heard of (as partly proven by a diverse range of surveys).

Recently a new mysterious server just showed up on this page: InforSuite Standard Edition V9.1

It’s not entirely clear when this was exactly added, but as I visited the page a few weeks before I guess it must have been certified at most a couple of weeks ago. At the very least it was added after last May, as I copied the entire list of servers there for an article I was writing and it sure wasn’t there then.

As for the component listed, it’s unfortunately the usual inconsistent table (every entry has a different table with different terms). It mentions using EclipseLink (JPA), Weld (CDI) and Hibernate Validation (Bean Validation), as well as Oracle and Oracle, which probably means the Oracle reference implementations of JAX-WS (Metro core) and JAXB.

It’s interesting that this late in the Java EE 6 cycle, with Java EE 7 having been released a while ago and Java EE 8 preparations being in full swing, there are still brand new Java EE 6 servers coming out.

Arjan Tijms

2 comments to “Mysterious new Java EE 6 server shows up at Oracle certification pages”

  1. asd says:

    It looks like JEE7 is not much popular.

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