Mysterious Eclipse Luna update is SR1a

15 January 2015, by: Arjan Tijms

Two days back I noticed Eclipse had a mysterious update available; Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, version with id “epp.package.jee”:


Of course there was no info on what this update was about and Googling for it yielded no results. Googling again for it today gave a single hit:

Looking at the URL revealed that “” is the alternative universe version for what’s otherwise known as “Luna SR1a”. Googling for the latter gave some more results, particularly the following one:

Eclipse Ships Luna SR1a Git Security Release

A bit out of character, but the Eclipse organization even linked to this from their homepage!

Why it’s so difficult for Eclipse to show a description for their updates is still a small mystery, but at least the mystery of what “” is about is now solved 😉

Arjan Tijms

One comment to “Mysterious Eclipse Luna update is SR1a”

  1. Markus says:

    Glad that you upgraded and took the time to find additional information about our security update. wasn’t meant as a “mystery”, it was just the idea of pushing out this security related bug fix as fast as possible. 4.4.2 will be the real Luna SR2 and is scheduled for end of February.

    In the meantime we created a feature request based on your advice. In the following bug we are discussing possible improvements:

    Bug 458776 – Let’s be sure to “describe” future “updates”


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