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Eclipse 4.3 SR1 again silently released!

28 September 2013

Again rather silently, the Eclipse organization yesterday released the first maintenance release of Eclipse 4.3; Eclipse 4.3.1 aka Eclipse Kepler SR1.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), this event again isn’t noted on the main homepage at or at the recent activity tracker. There also don’t seem to be any release notes, like the ones we had for the 4.3 release.

It seems these days the Eclipse home page is about anything and nothing except the thing we most closely associate with the term “Eclipse”; the Eclipse IDE. Seemingly the IDE itself is by far not as important as “Concierge Creation Review Scheduled” and “Web-based BPM with Stardust”.

Once again, fiddling with Bugzilla gave me a list of 112 bugs that are fixed in core packages.

Hopefully this fix will remedy the random crashes I’ve experienced in Ubuntu 13.04, but I’m not holding my breath.

The good people at the WTP project did feel like posting about this event on their homepage with a link and short description to the 3.5.1 release of WTP. Again, the new and noteworthy keeps pointing to the previous release, but there’s a list of 51 fixed bugs available.

Community reporting seems to have reached a historically low. There’s one enthusiastic user who created a rather minimalistic forum post about it, and that’s pretty much it. Maybe a few lone tweets, but nothing major.

Is the community and the Eclipse organization loosing interesting in Eclipse, or is it just that SR releases aren’t that exciting?

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