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Eclipse 4.2 SR1 silently released!

30 September 2012

Rather silently, the Eclipse organization 2 days ago released the first maintenance release of Eclipse 4.2; Eclipse 4.2.1 aka Eclipse Juno SR1.

Surprisingly, this event isn’t noted on the main homepage at or at the recent activity tracker. There also don’t seem to be any release notes, like the ones we had for the 4.2 release.

Fiddling with Bugzilla gave me a list of 80 bugs that are fixed in core packages.

This time around, the WTP project did feel obliged to post about this event on their homepage. Following the Eclipse 4.2.1 release train, WTP was upgraded from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1. The famous “new and noteworthy” of WTP 3.4.1 unfortunately still points to the previous 3.4.0 release, but there is a list of fixed bugs available that luckily does point to the right version.

Community reporting about 4.2 SR1 has been equally underwhelming, although just today Steffen Schäfer posted about this release focussing on the new JGit/Git 2.1 versions. Besides him there’s a Chinese post about 4.2.1, which just says the following:

To enhance performance, fixed many bug and the export of war with java source code bug fixes!

Is it perhaps so that with the increasing size, complexity and sheer number of plug-ins and projects on, the one thing that we all simply call “Eclipse” becomes more and more difficult to identify as a specific product on that site and as such harder to report about?

And what about the adoption of the Eclipse 4.2 platform? There has been much debate recently about the abysmal performance of the new platform. Is SR1 a step in the right direction, or do we have to wait for 4.2 SR2, or possibly even 4.3?

What’s new in JSF 2.2?

1 September 2012

jsf 2.2

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