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JBoss AS 6 GA released!

29 December 2010

Today is another historic day for Java, as one of the leading implementations of Java EE, namely JBoss AS, has released its Java EE 6 implementation JBoss AS 6.

Where JBoss AS 5 had a very shaky release cycle, the JBoss AS 6 cycle went very smooth. An originally planned JBoss AS 5.2 was abandoned early and the team went straight for JBoss AS 6. A series of milestones and a candidate release were planned, which were all released on time with only minor deviations.

Almost exactly a year after the Java EE 6 specification itself and the reference implementation Glassfish V3 was released, JBoss is now the first to release an independent third party implementation. Of course, independent and third-party has to be taken with a grain salt. The reference implementation for CDI, an important new API in Java EE 6, is Weld which is implemented by JBoss and used by Glassfish. On the other hand, JBoss doesn’t develop its own JSF implementation but bundles the reference one from Oracle.

Anyway, with JBoss AS officially implementing the Java EE 6 spec now, a new baseline for Java EE has been set. From now on, technologies like JSF 2.0, EJB3.1, JPA 2.0 and CDI can really be considered as basic, standard available techs.

Download it from here:
Release notes:

Congrats to the JBoss team, and good happy developing for everyone who is updating to Java EE 6!
Arjan Tijms

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