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Java EE 6 – release imminent

7 October 2009

Yesterday the umbrella JSR for Java EE 6 finally released a proposed final draft. This means the release of Java EE 6, a fairly large release with many tweaks and additions, is relatively imminent.

I’ve been tracking its progress for some time now and collected references to a number of articles about the major parts of Java EE 6 here: Java EE 6 progress page.

Indeed, the two most influential open source implementations (Jboss AS and Glassfish) are about to release new versions supporting Java EE 6. Naturally, Glassfish is more up to date with their support, but this time Jboss AS is hot on their heels.

Alexis of Sun wrote yesterday that “We’re fast approaching a final release of v3 with full Java EE 6 support indeed.”

Meanwhile, Jason Green of Jboss announced about a month ago that “we can put out a 5.2 beta which includes some cool EE6 capabilities. The target release date is 10/15”, which would be around next week.

So, Glassfish is about to come with full support, while Jboss AS comes with some Java EE 6 support, but whatever your favorite implementation is, it seems that enterprise Java developers are in for some interesting times.

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