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Jboss AS 5 GA released!

5 December 2008

Today is a historic day for Java, as one of the leading implementations of Java EE 5, Jboss AS 5 has *finally* been released. Originally planned for early 2007 orso and promised to be released almost every quarter.

But today, no more speculation and no guessing. It’s here, and this time it’s for real! Read all about this fabulous release here:

Download it from here:

With Jboss officially implementing the Java EE 5 spec now, a new baseline of Java has been set. From now on, technologies like JSF 1.2, EJB3 and JPA can really be considered as basic, standard available techs.

Congrats to the Jboss team, and hoping it won’t take them as long to release Java EE 6 😉


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