JBoss AS 6 release date published

11 September 2010, by: Development

Although JBoss AS 6 CR1 and GA have been on JBoss’ JIRA roadmap for some time, no due date was set. Until recently…

These are the dates mentioned:

JBoss AS 6 CR1 15 Nov. 2010 jira
JBoss AS 6 GA/Final 17 Dec. 2010 jira

From CR1 on, JBoss AS 6 would be an officially certified Java EE 6 implementation. If JBoss were to succeed in sticking to these release dates, it would be almost exactly 1 year after the Java EE 6 spec has been released that JBoss is able to offer an implementation.

For the Java landscape, this release is fairly important. The entire concept of having a spec depends on there being multiple implementations, but for the better part of this year only Glassfish has had a Java EE 6 implementation.

Besides that, JBoss AS 6 will also simply mean that more developers have access to the wealth of improvements that Java EE 6 brings to the table. After all, JBoss AS is one of the most used Java EE Application Servers. Although technically possible, most people won’t swap application servers just to be able to use the new spec and will more likely wait for ‘their’ AS to be updated.

Arjan Tijms

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